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House Partay….

House Partay!  Former NASA scientist Bill Wolverton knows House Plants do a whole lot more than just beautify a room-they help remove air toxins that cause indoor air contamination.  Check out his new indoor high tech air filter-it looks like a potted plant.

Green is one of my favorite colors-I love lush greenery, and find inspiration in growing things.  I prefer the real thing.  Here we list five of the best House Plants that do exceptionally well at helping remove formaldehyde (found in synthetic fabrics, plastics, carpeting) which is listed by the EPA as a possible carcinogen.

Peace Lily-med. to bright light-water thoroughly, let dry out between watering.

Bamboo Palm-med to bright light-thrives in humid environment.

Janet Craig (Corn Plant)-bright light, no direct sun-let soil dry out between watering.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)-Very durable, grows in all light-be careful not to overwater.


Spider Plant-med. To bright light, water thoroughly, let dry out between watering.


You can also try our All Natural Palm Wax candles-100% pure vegtable wax that forms stunning crystal patterns in the wax.  Eco friendly and from a US grown renewable source.  Combine this wax with our Lemongrass essential oil for a gorgeous fresh clensing candle.


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Fairy Good Luck from Blue Moon Candles!

Fairy Good Luck from Blue Moon Candles!


All the best to everyone!
Love, Laughter & Candlelight!


I really am in love with Joe!

I really am in love with Joe…

Did you know that drinking caffinated coffee daily can reduce you likeyhood of breast cancer?  It is possible…Steven Narod, director of the Familial Breast Cancer Research Unit at the Centre for Research in Women’s Health in Toronto, and colleagues examined at 40 clinics in four countries the records of 1,690 women who have the genetic mutations BRCA1 or BRCA2 and gave the women a self-administered questionnaire about coffee consumption. Women who drank six or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day were 69% less likely to develop breast cancer than women who drank no coffee, according to the study.


One to three cups of coffee per day reduced the risk by 10% and four to five cups reduced it by 25% compared with women who drank no coffee. The researchers found that coffee consumption related to a significant reduction in breast cancer risk for women with the BRCA1 mutation but not for women with BRCA2 (Reuters Health, 1/3). In addition, the study finds that decaffeinated coffee did not reduce breast cancer risk. “We think the effect is through the caffeine on the female hormones,” Narod said.

Just one more reason to have that morning cup o’ Joe…infact…have three!







PS- Check out our featured coffee scented candle Turkish Mocha-Yum!  Our Turkish Mocha has creamy top notes of milk, cardamom, cocoa and a touch of nutmeg. The alluring, complex blend winds down to heady scents of vanilla and honey, and of course, Turkish Coffee.  Imagine yourself in an italian coffee shop watching shoppers pass by in the plaza square and inhale! If you’re a coffee lover, you won’t be disappointed by this fragrance.!

Can I percieve your mood based on what you have on?!

Can I percieve your mood based on what you have on?!

Do your moods show through in what you choose to put on in the morning?

Wearing ocean hues of blue is especially calming. Indigo or darker blues can offer more of a comfort zone feeling, almost as if you are sinking into a pool of warm water. Blues in general remind me of floating in a calm sea…relaxing.  Some say Blues foster trustwothyness…

Wearing grays and blacks can be depressive. (some say-wink*)
Let’s face it, black and gray are fashion basics. We all have the basic black suit or black dress slacks that are a must wear for a number of different social settings. Aside from the little black dress you have hanging in the back of the closet, you likely choose to wear black because you prefer to blend in and not make any statement. Although I prefer to see black as a sexy sophisticated choice!

Green is considered to be one of the most healing among all the colors.
Because green is the color of trees and grasses it is a wonderful color choice to wear anytime you are wanting to feel more in-tune with nature. Green represents the Spring season and new growth. Choose this color to wear whenever you are embarking on something new or wish to turn over a new leaf.  Some say those with high IQ’s favor this hue.

Orange urges you to get out into the world and create!
Orange is a very high energy color. Its creativity juices are extremely intoxicating and sweet tasting. Wearing orange is fun and can make you feel quite playful. Artists love dabbling with orange hues. Orange screams with sexual energy too. Because of its highly-charged intensity some people cannot comfortably wear this color.

Wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart.
Most people associate pink with babies, little girls, and feminine energies. But more than feeling feminine, wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart. When people are wearing pink, whether they are male or female, they appear approachable and capable of loving others. If you want to feel heart-connected reach for that pastel pink sweater from your closet to wear. And if pastel colors don’t suit you try on something in bright fuchsia. You’ll feel pretty in pink.

Wearing purple shows others that you want to be noticed.
Purple is seldom worn as a neutral color.   Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.



Wearing white will help reduce any nagging feelings of disappointment or drudge.
White represents cleansing and new beginnings. Putting on a white blouse feels like being given an opportunity to start the day with a clean slate. Wearing a white garment, as long as it hasn’t taken on any discoloration from too much laundering, can offer a fresh and bright outlook.

Yellow is the perfect color to wear whenever your spirits needs an uplift.
Yellow carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism, and light. All shades of yellows and golds will cheer you up and help make you feel happier. Wearing yellow out into the world makes an affirmation statement. For certain, yellow is a perky color!

Red can really pack a punch!
Red is a very powerful color. Wear red whenever you feel a need to portray confidence or would like to boost your self esteem. However, be aware that wearing too much red can make a person come off a little too intimidating to others who may lack self confidence in themselves. Visualizing the color red can help ground your energies so anyone who has “flighty” tendencies will benefit from wearing red to serve as a reminder to ground themselves throughout the day.

Scents & Scent-abilities…

Scents & Scent-abilities…

Have you ever noticed after smelling a favorite perfume or candle for awhile that you cannot smell it as strongly or sometimes at all?!

Our sense of smell is sensitive to new scents, but gradually loses that sensitivity over time. The best way to prevent this is to change the fragrance frequently. After a few days, you can go back to the fragrance you had become used to. But remember, your fragrance will always smell fresh to others because they are only exposed to it infrequently…Fragrance is a powerful yet sneaky stimulator.  There are even companies now that sell their fragrances to stores as “ambiance” to keep you shopping longer or purchasing more. 

For instance…Go to any pet store and what do you notice when you first walk in? The smell. Most pet stores smell awful, and that affects the amount of time we spend in the store. It also renders our visit a little less enjoyable, because we sub-consciously want to leave. It also renders our visit a little less enjoyable, because we subconsciously want to leave due to the foul odor.
Another easy example: Try going to a bakery and not buy anything. The odor of fresh baked bread and muffins strikes us right away! We look at everything and tend to stay longer, simply because of the smell! 



Try this one: A large Canadian retail chain of bookstores chose to have a coffee shop near the entrance of the stores. The delightful smell of freshly brewed coffee goes a long way to enhance the customer experience while purchasing books.
And who can resist the unmistakable smell of fresh buttered popcorn?

Enough said.  Odors bring back memories and influence our behavior. Depending on the fragrance, odors can calm, relax, stimulate associations, evoke, frighten and arouse us. In fact, we have the capacity to distinguish up to 10,000 different odors that influence our memory and feelings and impact our quality of life. The sense of smell is very powerful and primitive; it affects us in subtle ways on a daily basis.





Aroma Affection…

Scent responses are learned, according to Marcia L. Pelchat, PhD, an associate member and sensory psychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center…She believes an individual’s reaction to a specific aroma is reflective of their upbringing and environment. Just as the scent of vanilla can trigger feelings of comfort, specific scents can turn individuals off.

The brain’s response to scent occurs in the limbic system. “The limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotion, is also called the smell brain,” added Pelchat. “So smell goes straight up into the limbic system and is processed there.”

Whereas scent responses are learned, taste responses are not. “Unlike the sense of smell, where you may learn to like or dislike an aroma, babies are born to like or dislike a taste,” said Pelchat.

Since scent reaction is learned, the affinity for an aroma can differ by geographical region. “In the United States, there is a common social experience with vanilla and people find it relaxing. Cinnamon is also greatly liked by Americans but in France, people generally do not eat cinnamon or wintergreen. They would view it as medicinal and terrible,” added Pelchat. The effects of aromas therefore depend on cultural experience.

What scents do you love?  Which scents do you despise?  Let us know!



Rose petal fragrance

Rose petal fragrance

Our Zeal for Customer Service!

I am sure we have all had those notable moments when we are spending money with a vendor or company and we just *feel* that we are not appreciated, honored or even heard.  Those are disappointing times my friend.  In today’s economy those are dangerous moves to make as well.

My mom Leslie is hands on and personally involved with Customer Service when she supports her customers at Kelly Temporary Services.  She has shown me constantly time and again how excellent service can set you apart.  She strives to make all her customers feel special.

For those of us in business, it is really invaluable to remember the customer is KING!  Michael D. Brown the author of Fresh Customer Service makes many good points.  Michael did an interview on the Indie Beauty Network where he mentioned that “nobody has a monopoly on products or services nowadays. The only way you differentiate yourself is through the experience you offer to your customers.

Customers today want you to make an investment in them by giving them a positive and memorable experience that they cannot get anywhere else.”

What are some ways to ensure happy customers?  We are glad you asked!

These are a few ideas we are implementing here at Blue Moon Candles.

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. There are many ways you can give people more than they expect.  Some examples I am incorporating are: a handwritten note thanking them for choosing you, samples of other items for them to try, on occasion reduced or flat rate shipping & speedy service.

Simply asking how you can be helpful.  It is a simple sentence that conveys much-your genuine desire to resolve any situation to your customer’s satisfaction.

Really listen.  Sometimes we forget-to truly listen, sometimes we need to stop and hear what is being said.  Once we hear the situation from the other parties perspective, then we can properly react and respond.

What are your thoughts?  If you have a business what is your company doing to further your customer service?  As a customer, what things matter most to you?

Candles Customer Service

Candles Customer Service

Help us take a stand against FDA Globalization Act of 2008

Now is the time for us to be heard! If you love cosmetics & lotions…handcrafted like I do from small independant businesses, help us take a stand! Check out this video for more information.