Scents & Scent-abilities…

Scents & Scent-abilities…

Have you ever noticed after smelling a favorite perfume or candle for awhile that you cannot smell it as strongly or sometimes at all?!

Our sense of smell is sensitive to new scents, but gradually loses that sensitivity over time. The best way to prevent this is to change the fragrance frequently. After a few days, you can go back to the fragrance you had become used to. But remember, your fragrance will always smell fresh to others because they are only exposed to it infrequently…Fragrance is a powerful yet sneaky stimulator.  There are even companies now that sell their fragrances to stores as “ambiance” to keep you shopping longer or purchasing more. 

For instance…Go to any pet store and what do you notice when you first walk in? The smell. Most pet stores smell awful, and that affects the amount of time we spend in the store. It also renders our visit a little less enjoyable, because we sub-consciously want to leave. It also renders our visit a little less enjoyable, because we subconsciously want to leave due to the foul odor.
Another easy example: Try going to a bakery and not buy anything. The odor of fresh baked bread and muffins strikes us right away! We look at everything and tend to stay longer, simply because of the smell! 



Try this one: A large Canadian retail chain of bookstores chose to have a coffee shop near the entrance of the stores. The delightful smell of freshly brewed coffee goes a long way to enhance the customer experience while purchasing books.
And who can resist the unmistakable smell of fresh buttered popcorn?

Enough said.  Odors bring back memories and influence our behavior. Depending on the fragrance, odors can calm, relax, stimulate associations, evoke, frighten and arouse us. In fact, we have the capacity to distinguish up to 10,000 different odors that influence our memory and feelings and impact our quality of life. The sense of smell is very powerful and primitive; it affects us in subtle ways on a daily basis.





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