Spice for your Spirit…

Spice for your Spirit…


Houses of worship have used Frankincense for centuries for it’s heavenly aroma…it is not suprising to discover new research has proven the scent can indeed raise your spirits.  Scientists at John Hopkins University in Maryland and Hebrew University in Jerusalem found that incensole acetate, a compound found in frankincense resin, simulates production of a protien called TRPV3, which elevates your mood affecting areas of the brain that respond to anxiety and depression drugs.

“Burning the resin produces the strongest mood-elevating results, as the effects of inhaling the smoke are immediate,” says Ruth Knill, PhD, a licensed acupunturist.

If incense isn’t for you, light a frankinsence infused candle, add 10 drops of essential oil to a bath, or dab a few drops (diluted with a carrier oil-like sweet almond oil-onto your wrist.

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