How was yer Talk like a Pirate Day! ☠

Well…Bilge Monkey says it best “because Pirateyness is next to Godliness” 😉


How did you spend your talk like a Pirate day?  If you are not up to speed on Pirate lingo check out the official Talk Like a Pirate Day site here.  Here you can learn the basics of how to talk like a pirate, as well as pirate pick up lines and some cool links.

We are lovers of all things Pirate!  Check our our Pieces of Eight Pirate inspired candles.

Pieces of EightCandles

There are Pirate travel tins as well as Pirate Pillars.  Our Pirate Candles are made with eco friendly Veggie wax and all cotton wicks.

We have searched to World’s End and beyond to bring you the finest fragrances to set the mood whether it be a peaceful night in with your Corsair, or a wild night of pillaging…or both!

Our Pyrate line features our 3×6 inch Pyrate Pillars, Travel tins and our 14oz. Rum Pot.  (All Pyrate fragrances are also available in any style including Bath & Body!)

Wicked Wench, Aztec Gold, Scallywag, Rum Runner, Singapore Nights, Swag, Calypso & Mutiny.

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