Blue Moon Candles interviewed by Artist Cindy Thorrington Haggerty!

Well, this has been a wonderful Fall and full of surprises so far!

Imagine our delight to find out that we were  featured in an interview by the artist Cindy Thorrington Haggerty on her site Peaceful Art Jewelry Design!

We have had a wonderful time collaborating with Cindy on some fantastic Candles!

Crystal Palm Wax Bubbles and Butterflies

Her site has fantastic art as well as jewelry of all kinds, to die for!

This  interview was written by Cindy herself & Dana (Mystic) and had some really great questions.  I hope you will enjoy reading our answers as much as I did answering them!  Click Here for Lisa of Blue Moon Candle’s Interview by Cindy Thorrington Haggerty of Peaceful Art Jewelry Design.

Check Cindy’s site for her Christmas interview of Artist Jasmine Beckett-Griffith & her Wood Designer husband Matt of!

2 responses to “Blue Moon Candles interviewed by Artist Cindy Thorrington Haggerty!

  • Ann Lihl

    Beautiful interview!! I love it!! So inspiring and I love that the candles are chemical free and made for sensitive people like me!!

  • Jessie Belmont

    Aww, I loved reading that! Thank you for sharing, Ms. Lisa. (And thanks to Ms. Cindy also, I can see I’m going to have to spend some time looking around over there.) Hee, Cindy put faerie wings on you! 😀

    I’d never seen that picture of the Blood Roses pillar, it’s gorgeous!

    The Faerie Ring story was the best. I believed in faeries when I was a little girl too. ♥
    Actually, maybe I still do. 🙂

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