Daily Archives: February 4, 2010

Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment…

Allow me explain…First off I AM one of those sappy lovers of St. Valentines Day that give random valentine’s to everyone they know–however, that being said I found this blog post very interesting.

An Anti Valentine’s party could be fun too…

There were so many creative ideas…my favorites were:

  • Make funny “bad relationship name tags” and hand them out of the door when people come in. (Such as “Serial Dater”, “Break-up Queen”, “It’s not me, It’s you”, “The other Woman”, “Homewrecker”, “Love Goddess”, “Bad boyfriend”, “The Jerk”, you can be creative- pick names that represent inside jokes or their ridiculous relationship habits.)
  • Find, scan and enlarge photos of famous exes and hang them around the room with jars of black markers for people to “vandalize” with devil tails/moustaches/etc. such as Brad and Jenn, Ben and J-lo, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Britney and K-Fed. (This can be especially fun if you are serving alcohol!)
  • Serve Bittersweets candies, like love hearts but with great anti-love slogans like “Tradin’ you in” and “Kiss a Frog”.
  • Make your own fortune cookies and write funny anti-love fortunes (such as, “You will find true love… in a pair of shoes”, “You will make friends with your remote”, “Forget him.”, etc.)  Find a recipe for fortune cookies here.

So this year do something fabulous for yourself! Enjoy one of our Bad Romance Candles a sophisticated blend of Italian Bergamot and rare Camillias, with exotic Sandalwood and an infusion of Vetiver…after all, we think smelling good is the best revenge!

now go ahead and rock  “Since U Been Gone”- Kelly Clarkson!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!