Daily Archives: February 8, 2010

Undercover Boss = Brilliant!

The new documentary on CBS Undercover Boss is genius!  Can you imagine being a CEO going undercover in your own company to research the way jobs are done, productivity, morale and day to day operations?

While I do not think every boss will react the way tonight’s CEO Larry O’Donnell of Waste Management did, it certainly gives us plenty to ponder.

I could not help but love Larry O’Donnell’s attitude.  He views his employees as valuable, and truly wants to motivate and inspire the people in his company.   Getting an entry level view sure gives you a different perception of your company than you get from reading a report sitting in a corner office.  Overall I loved this show- it really inspired me as well!

If you own your own company what do you think of this tactic?
Would you go undercover?

If you did, would you be willing to implement changes based on the things you found?

What would you want your CEO to see?

Did you watch the program?  What did you think?

Love, Laughter & Candlelight,