Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

Dealers Choice!!!

Well, the BIG weekend is here-Amber is getting married! We think everyone should Celebrate and get a chance to grab something great!

All natural wax + my choice of in-stock clear glass containers (varying from 12-20oz.each) + your choice of any of the 15 fragrances listed below (while they last) at $8 bucks a piece =1 heck of a great deal for you!

Raspberry Tomato Leaf
Herbal Raspberry
Sun Ripened Strawberry
Moonlight Path b&b works type
Pineapple Blossom
Calabrian Bergamot & Violet
Patchouli Raspberry
Chocolate Brownie
Celtic Moonspice
Lomaviti Lagoon
Pinemint & Blossom
Pomegranate & Ginger.

email your orders to lisa@bluemooncandles.com so I can keep track of stock availability and correctly estimate true shipping…

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!!!