What is YOUR Candlelight Style?

What is Your Candle Style?

Candle Styles vary from person to person…like relationships, not everyone likes the same thing.

Before you buy, it is best to understand your Burning Style and get the ultimate candle for your cash!

For a Quickie with no commitment ~try a Tealight! Our clear cups showcase your color choice. There are hundreds of fragrances to choose from and they provide 5-6 hours of maintenance free, natural, fragrant candlelight.

If you have a little more time to burn, but still don’t want to commit ~ go with Votives! They come in natural soy or palm wax, any color you want, and hundreds of fragrance choices burning up to 15 hours- maintenance free. A great way to sample all of our extraordinary scents!

When you are looking for greater satisfaction, but with no excess baggage, go with a Container Candle-very minimal maintenance. Keep the wick trimmed and out of drafts, and you are good to go! We currently offer a Many different design shapes in glass and silver travel tins. Organic Natural Wax in your color choice and hundreds of fragrance choices! These candles burn from 35 to 120 hours.

Perhaps your style is classic traditionalist? Pillar Candles provide lasting fragrance and high style! These candles are meant to be burned for 1 hour per inch of diameter for optimum performance. Wicks should be trimmed at 1/4 inch, and candles kept out of drafts. There are many sizes and styles available in different finishes as well~ classic creamy, mottled (little snowflakes in the wax) to funky & chunky. Any color you like and hundreds of fragrance choices. Pillars burn from 80 to 180 hours.  Try our Gothic Drip finish!

When you are in it for the long haul! When you crave the slow burn! Go with a 3 Wick Candle! These big babies provide 170=200 hours of beautiful fragrant natural light! You chose your favorite color and any of our  fragrances. These candles are meant to be burned 6 hours at a time for optimum wax usage. (Burning flat across the top, and not “tunneling” down inside the candle.)

We have something for everyone…We believe that Natural Candles with the fragrance & glow they emit enhance life and offer an affordable luxury that everyone should enjoy!

Thank you for choosing us!
We look forward to lighting up your life!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

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