Aromatic Living

The thought of pleasant fragrances may be enough to make us a bit more cheerful, but the actual fragrance can have dramatic effects in improving our mood and sense of well-being.

In the heat of summer we recommend using cooling fragrances such as lime, lemon, blood orange and grapefruit in your Candles and Room Sprays-especially in your living room. The citrus notes are uplifting, and not too heavy for hot summer days. We also have tropical fragrances blended with the citrus to take you on a mini vacation! Lime in da Coconut…Blood Orange and Patchouli-*even Patchouli haters love this one.

My mom swears her lemon infused candles are “happy”.  Bergamot and it’s pleasing citrus fragrance has been shown to help people suffering from anxiety, stress and depression.

In an experiment in a Las Vegas casino, the amount of money gambled in a slot machine increased by over 45% when the site was fragranced with a pleasant aroma!

What is your favorite citrus?!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

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