Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

Steampunk Candles and Handblended Perfume!♥

I am always obsessed with something, frequently multiple things…lately it is Steampunk.  I have even been dreaming in Steampunk lately!

It is hard to decide exactly what steampunk is…easier for me to say what it is not–it is as varied  between people as viewpoints.  I find it to be a beautiful mix of the Victorian age, slammed into the modern time, shaken not stirred with a bit of romance, a dash of gothic and hint of found objects re-purposed.  It is the spot between waking and asleep…

If you look closely, you will see it emerging everywhere!  One of my favorite restaurants (Pint’s in Laughlin NV) has their entire decor Steampunked!

So why would we not come up with our own Steampunk Candles and Handblended Steampunk Perfume?!

Pricing will be on our site tomorrow along with secret sale info for our Facebook friends.

Check back with us tomorrow-More links and pricing will be up!!!

Steampunk Dreams!