Check out Blue Moon Candles on Essential Wholesale’s Blog! <3

If you have not checked out Kayla Fioravanti of Essential Wholesale’s blog yet-don’t waste any more time! They blog about Soaps and Cosmetics and all things Organic…Their business is natural and organic bath and body bases-check them out you will be glad you did!  🙂

They recently featured Blue Moon Candles in their blog!  Click here to read all about it!

Thank you Kayla and Essential Wholesale!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

2 responses to “Check out Blue Moon Candles on Essential Wholesale’s Blog! <3

  • Scented Candles

    Fortunately, soy-based candles can help with virtually soot-free burning with the additional benefit of cool burning and hence better fragrance release.

    Paraffin wax is a derivative of kerosene so it is not surprising then that paraffin wax candles release soot into the air when burned and this soot can settle on your walls and surfaces and even be breathed in by you and everyone around you.
    In contrast, soy-based wax candles are derived from all-natural soya beans that are grown all around the world.

    Soy is made by hydrogenating the oil of soya beans, which are a renewable resource limited only to how many soya beans are grown.
    So there you go “Soy candles are the very best”, great content and most followed blog.. keep up the good work! Well done, Lucas.

  • bluemooncandles

    Thanks for stopping by Lucas,

    I liked your site, gorgeous stuff! 🙂
    I agree that Soy is an excellent wax-we use several types of all natural organic certified waxes
    http://www.bluemooncandles.comGo%20Green%20with%20Blue%20Moon%20Candles.htm . In defense of paraffin though any candle can create soot, especially highly fragranced ones, if the wicks are not well maintained.

    I do like the fact that Soy is renewable…excellent response, thank for for taking the time to write! 🙂

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