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Make your own Shot Glass Candles!

Learn to make your own Candles with this easy, cute shot glass technique!  Turn a shot glass into a brightly glowing candle.

Candle Making Instruction

Shot Glass Candles by Blue Moon Candles

Have you ever thought about making your own Candles? These cute little glasses can be made cheap, they are easy to do and you can add any theme you like!

What do you need?

  • 6 oz. of Wax (makes 3 shot glass candles)-we recommend using old bits of left over wax from partially used candles to recycle them, but you can also use new wax from craft stores.
  • 3 shot glasses, any style you like…*being the Pirate lover that I am I used Captain Morgan of course.
  • glass Pyrex measuring cup to melt wax
  • Pot to boil water in
  • cotton wicking from craft store.

Put the wax into the pyrex measuring cup and set it in the pot of boiling water to melt.  You can add color chips for wax if you wish from the craft store.  Pour the melted wax into the shot glasses.  Wait until the wax begins to cool and set a little, then place your wicks into the middle of the shot glasses.

After they are cooled all the way, light them and enjoy your ♨Candlelight! ♨

Post us a picture here and show us your creations!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight,