Excellent Service…or not?!

Last week we had a problem with a cell phone that reinforced my desire to treat our Blue Moon Candles customers like gold!

Scott purchased a new cell phone (Droid X) and after two days a button FELL OFF! Now that is not a huge deal, because I was sure a simple call would remedy the situation…right?!  Wrong.  Not only was his store sales rep rude and uncaring, she tried to charge him over $80.00 for a “deductible” on a two day old phone, and stated there were no supervisors on site.

Long story short I was able to intervene and remedy the situation, but it took my time and caused him undue stress.  Something I never want to do to my customers!

In this age and economy it seems like everyone is talking about “coaching” and “consulting” when really in my opinion the number one thing that I wish companies would just get back to excellent customer service! People WILL pay for a superior product that comes with excellent service.  I know I am careful how I spend my money and am FAR more likely to spend it where it is appreciated and brings me the biggest value.

Our customers are Valued and we want to leave every one with a giant smile on their face!

Do you have a customer service horror story?  What did you learn for that experience?  What about a time you experienced Fantastic Service?  Enlighten us!  🙂

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

3 responses to “Excellent Service…or not?!

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  • comdude

    Sad but sometimes true. The only actual contact you may have with the cellular provider is certainly when you first order the phone and the monthly service to support it. The websites are accurate enough and tell you what you did with your phone. You may upgrade service there. After you’ve fulfilled your contract you may stay or leave. But actual product support?

    If one is mechanically inclined, one might have more success dealing directly with the manufacturer for spare parts.

    I always enjoyed the part of the contract where they show absolutely no sympathy to a subscriber whose phone becomes submerged in water. True happiness may only come to those who take care of their phones and have no mishaps.

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