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The history of Norad. Track Santa tonight!

My kids have always loved Santa.  It was a tradition in my husbands family.  (Growing up we always knew about Santa but the focus was more on the Christmas Story than Santa.)  Our kids use Norad every year (you can also track him using Google Earth)  to track Santa’s journey around the globe and watch with anticipation to see where Santa is and where his next stop will be.

I have often wondered how this Santa tracking site came to be so here is the story as told by cnet news & Google, amazing that it all actually began in 1955 with a wrong number.

“One morning that December, U.S. Air Force Col. Harry Shoup, the director of operations at CONAD, the Continental Air Defense Command–NORAD’s predecessor–got a phone call at his Colorado Springs, Colo., office (see video below). This was no laughing matter. The call had come in on one of the top secret lines inside CONAD that only rang in the case of a crisis.

The ad that started it all.

(Credit: NORAD)

Grabbing the phone, Shoup must have expected the worst. Instead, a tiny voice asked, “Is this Santa Claus?”

“Dad’s pretty annoyed,” said Terri Van Keuren, Shoup’s daughter, recalling the legend of that day in 1955. “He barks into the phone,” demanding to know who’s calling.

“The little voice is now crying,” Van Keuren continued. “‘Is this one of Santa’s elves, then?'”

The Santa questions were only beginning. That day, the local newspaper had run a Sears Roebuck ad with a big picture of St. Nick and text that urged, “Hey, Kiddies! Call me direct…Call me on my private phone and I will talk to you personally any time day or night.”

But the phone number in the ad was off by a digit. Instead of connecting with Santa, callers were dialing in on the line that would ring if the Russians were attacking.

Before long, the phone was ringing off the hook, and softening up, Shoup grabbed a nearby airman and told him to answer the calls and, Van Keuren said, “‘just pretend you’re Santa.'”

Indeed, rather than having the newspaper pull the Sears ad, Shoup decided to offer the countless kids calling in something useful: information about Santa’s progress from the North Pole. To quote the official NORAD Santa site, “a tradition was born.”

Kids all around the globe have fun every Christmas Eve tracking Santa!  I’ll be watching, will you?!

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Get in the spirit with some Christmas Music!

Merry Christmas! ❤

Survey: People can’t live without high-speed Internet | Digital Media – CNET News

Survey: People can’t live without high-speed Internet | Digital Media – CNET News.

While I could live without it, I sure would not want to…what do you think?



Full M☼☼n Lunar Eclipse on the Midwinter Solstice.

Early Tuesday morning stargazers all over North America and  Europe will storms willing be able to witness a spectacular sight!  A total lunar eclipse that will also coincide with the Winter Solstice.  The Sun, Earth and Moon will be in a direct line -the moon should still be visible,
but will possibly turn pink or even red.  Most of this refracted light is in the red part of the spectrum and as a result the moon, seen from Earth, turns a reddish, coppery or orange hue, sometimes even brownish.

“The entire event is visible from North America, Greenland and Iceland,” says NASA’s veteran eclipse expert Fred Espenak, pointing out that for observers in the western United States and Canada, the show will start on Monday evening rather than Tuesday morning.

“Western Europe will see the beginning stages of the eclipse before moonset, while western Asia will get the later stages after moonrise.”

The eclipse runs for three and a half hours, from 6:33 GMT to 10:01 GMT (1:33 a.m. EST to 5:01 a.m. EST), although the stage of total eclipse — when the moon heads into the “umbra” cast by the Earth — lasts from 7:41 to 8:53 GMT (2:41 a.m. EST to 3:53 a.m. EST).

Lunar eclipses have long been associated with superstitions and signs of ill omen, especially in battle.  The defeat of the Persian king Darius III by Alexander the Great in the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 B.C. was foretold when the moon turned blood-red a few days earlier.

The last total lunar eclipse took place on Feb. 21, 2008. Next year, says Espenak, will see two: on June 15 and Dec. 10. This Solstice Eclipse is the first in 456 years!

What will you do to celebrate?  I am using up some wishes hoping the clouds and rain clear-our area in Southern California is currently hit by what meteorologists are calling the storm of the century. I am going to settle in with a tall glass of wine, light a few candles and hope for the best!  🙂

Our Candle fragrance of the day is of course our Winter Solstice: an exquisite blend of Woods, Frozen Blackberry, Fig, Rose, Amber and Spices. Opening with Bergamot and Fig, it reveals a luscious heart of French Rose, Cinnamon, Frozen Blackberry. Base notes of most seductive Cedar, Balsam and Sandalwood are sweetened with Amber.

Winter Solstice Candle

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The origin of Candles on St. Lucia’s Day.

St. Lucia, the patron Saint of Light.  December 13th…In traditional celebrations Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets.  A procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each.

One of the most popular Christmas traditions in Sweden is the celebration of Saint Lucia’s Day, on December 13th. Although not a legal holiday, Saint Lucia’s Day is a day of great celebrating and merriment.

The Story of Saint Lucia stretches back to the time of the Vikings and the Roman Empire. According to legend, Lucia was a brave young woman from the island of Sicily, in the Mediterranean. When Lucia heard about the persecution of Christians by the Emperor, she gave one Christian family her entire dowry. This so angered her betrothed husband, that he told authorities that Lucia secretly practiced Christianity. Lucia, who died a martyrs death, was much admired for her courage, generosity and faith. And tradition has it that she took food to Christians hiding from persecution in underground tunnels, wearing candles on a wreath around her head to light the way.

Traditionally, on St. Lucia day The Lucia is dressed in white robes and red ribbons and wears a crown of candles on her head. Often times the eldest daughter plays Lucia, and greets her family with a breakfast of hot coffee and pastries, known as Lucia Buns or St Lucia buns or Swedish Saffron Buns or Swedish Lussekatt.

St. Lucia is rich with religious history and symbolism, and it is a holiday that has withstood commercialism and stayed firm in its origins in modern times.

We are celebrating this day by pouring our Ginger Crumbcake Candles!  A tantalizing blend of the rich, spicy scents of gingerbread baked with saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, molasses, vanilla, brown sugar and butter notes.

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