Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

Lake Como…Italy ❤

I want to see this with my own eyes ❤


How to open a YUMMY coconut ❤  🙂

“She has curves in places other women don’t even have places”

#real beauty


Really worth watching. Thanks to these awesome people for diligence. These are magnificent animals. You always hear’ Save the Whales” as kind of a joke but I want my grand children’s children’s children to be able to see the beauty God has provided in these animals. So…….Save the Whales!
Thanks Ann Lihl for the post!

Be a Dive Pirate at :


Lost at Sea Soap…perfect for Summertime!  ❤

Out of everything I’ve reblogged on tumblr, this one is wonderful ❤  Gotta love Skype!