Ever thought about working for Yourself?

Have you ever thought about truly working for yourself?!

Here We Are With Luci is a great life & style online destination covering serious topics to girlie-girl stuff; the way women live their daily lives.  Recently we were lucky enough to be a guest on her Radio Show.

Luci recently interviewed us asking questions covering topics like: are Organic ingredients better?  What makes our Blue Moon Candles different and higher quality?  How did we start our new Bathwork venture Eden’s Alchemy as well as information about starting your own business and the steps it takes to do so.

I encourage you to come by and Listen to the show and get all the details, and also enter to win FREE stuff! (ends October 31, 2011!)

Let us know what you think!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

One response to “Ever thought about working for Yourself?

  • Luci Weston

    I learned so much from you, Lisa, and I’m sure those who listen will, too! Thank you for sharing your business experiences. Your approach will definitely help others who want to follow their passion and turn it into a business.

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