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Winter Candlelight ❤

I wanna make Snowmen ❤

I have a thing for Gingerbread ❤

File under Must Have!  One of our *new* Luxury Candle-  What’s it made of?  All Natural Veggie wax blend, two 100% all cotton wicks, Decadent and pure Fragrance oil.  Wrapped in our black silk bag, and two piece matte black gift box with foil labels.

Black Vanilla:The elegant simplicity and comfort of Vanilla.The perfectly intoxicating fragrance of rich, bourbony Vanilla with an incredible purity…no baked or butter notes, not a musky or perfumey vanilla. Essence of Vanilla in it’s most elegant simplicity..

But there is nothing ordinary about the intensity and strength of this fragrance. It has a clarity that makes it outstanding!  Notes of Vanilla Absolute, Vanillin, Bourbon, Tonka Bean and Orchid.

I love Winter!


This is BLK water.

It is black spring water from Canada.

It’s infused with fulvic acid ( a naturally occuring substance found in pre-historic plant matter. Because fulvic acid is naturally black it changes the molecules of the water, making them black.)

It has a ph balance of 9.0

It has natural electrolytes and 77 trace minerals from the fulvic acid.

It actually regenerates the cells in your body faster than regular water and is a high antioxidant.

Also, you’re a leviathan now.

I LOVE Fall!!!

I want one!!!

Greyfreth White Cross Bottles

Beautiful crosses of crystal atop mercury glass apothecary bottles from the 1800s, antique leather decanters from Spain, and unearthed bottles over a century old have been added into the inventory.

❤ my style  :/