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Scent of the week…Pink Cupcake Saturday!

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?!  Today’s fragrance is Pink Cupcakes.

What does it smell like???

Sweet, playful and simple; this scent is an innocent confection.

Think of delicate yellow cupcakes, topped with a generous mound of whipped strawberry-infused icing. A lovely, well balanced bakery scent that will bring out the kid in you!  A hint of wild Strawberries play over notes of crunchy crystal sugars, fluffy icing, vanilla extract and downy, moist cake. Classic and mouth-watering!

If you are in the mood for cupcakes-what about these from our friends at Sugartit Kitchens!

Sugartit Kitchens is based in Oakland, and is the creation of chefs Angie Serna and Amie Bailey, who occasionally join forces with other independent and like-minded food professionals and dilettantes. From cupcakes to pickles to special events, our focus is on creating great flavors with seasonal and local ingredients, garnished with a wink and a smile. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter (@sugartitkitchen) and by email at custom orders welcome.

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!