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Being vs. Having

Sometimes when I hear a phrase it strikes a chord inside my soul.  (Probably one reason why I love to read so much).  Who knows why we are attracted to certain words- whether it is because a certain saying applies to us or we wish to aspire to it or we simply love the way it sounds.

Here is one of mine tonight…

The most important things are not things at all.

To Have or To Be (1976) was Erich Fromm’s last major work. In it he says that two ways of existence were competing for ‘the spirit of mankind’ – Having and Being. Having is explained as longing for possessions to find meaning. Being meaning engaging in living “in the moment” and fining meaning in our relationships and what we share.

So are you having or being? Thinking back, it seems that a lot of people were their happiest when they didn’t have much.  A simpler life is something I am going to work towards.  A great example is kids loving the box the toy came in more than the toy. Remember those days???

What is a way you can practice being Happy?

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

Nook vs. Kindle vs. Novel Which e-book reader should you buy?

Hello…My name is Lisa and I am a Bookworm…

I love to read, and have wondered about ereaders-which is best?  The Barnes and Noble Nook? The Amazon Kindle? Or Pandigital’s Novel?

I know every book of mine by its smell, and I have but to put my nose between the pages to be reminded of all sorts of things.  ~George Robert Gissing

I never thought an electronic E-Book Reader would work for me.  I am a book addict, I collect books and just the musty dusty book smell in my favorite vintage bookshop can make my heart skip a beat.  I thought I would look into ereaders and see what they were all about.  I went to try out Barnes and Noble’s Nook for myself and read review after review at C Net.

There are so many pros and cons out there that it really boils down to what you are trying to do with your reader and which features work best for you.

I chose Pandigital’s Novel and I will tell you why.  I love to read at night-and you can change the text from day reading to Night read-which flips the background to black and leaves text white so you need no additional lighting to read.  You can change the font or brightness to suit you. It may not work as well on a sunny beach as say the Nook (but it has not stopped me). It comes loaded with a great dictionary-tap the word in question and Novel’s dictionary pops up and  will define it.

I am graphics oriented and love that the touch screen is Full Color-so magazines and pictures are full color.  It holds your music and photos, video-whatever you want.  A main selling point to me is that it compatible with Barnes and Noble stores so you can download books in under a second.  The Novel is Wi-Fi ready!  You can surf the internet or email on the virtual keyboard.  You can also lend and borrow books via lendme technology. It has expandable memory and can literally hold thousands of books!

I love my Novel and can not imagine life without it now.  I have not experienced any problems with it being too slow-it has *so far* run great!  I do not see it ever replacing my beloved vintage books or collected favorites *but* it is unbeaten in quickly providing “snack books” and it even has the ability to download Free books from B & N!

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.  ~James Bryce

A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end.  You live several lives while reading it.  ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

Books are portable Magick…

Go lose yourself in a great book!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

My Favorite Quote of All Time

Well, I am a quote addict-but today I would have to say it is this one:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Have An Adventure!

~Mark Twain

This is a favorite of mine because I tend to play it safe, and really that does not suit my passion for life. When you hold back sometimes you really risk everything. Whether it is enjoying time with friends and family, simple day to day living or promoting my Candle business ( )-I want to squeeze out every drop of fun this life has to offer.

Try something different with your day-I did! It can be as simple as enjoying something new and unexpected for lunch, drive home a different way, make a new friend, really listen when you ask someone how they are…what will you discover?

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!


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