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SHARK WEEK is coming! SHARK WEEK is coming!

Oh the joys of Shark Week!  I. Can. Not. Wait!

This year celebrates 25 years of Shark Week!  “Night after night of bite after bite”.

How do you celebrate? We are creating a new Candle, Perfume and cupcakes too!  Pictures for the products will air between now and Monday on our Website as well as here and our Facebook page.

Here is a link to our last year’s style Candle.

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

Shark Week is almost HERE! <3

We are insane for ALL things Shark Week at our house!  How do YOU Celebrate?

We are making these Shark Cupcakes! Here’s how to make them.

We are making Shark Bite drinks, Sharktini’s and of course Bloody Marys.  🙂 Recipes are here: Shark Bites, Sharktinis & Bloody Mary’s.

And of course we are Burning our Blue Moon Candles SHARK BITE Candle!

You can get yours Here at Blue Moon Candles on SALE for Shark Week- $5.00 OFF!

How do YOU Celebrate Shark Week?

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

Shark Week! (and Candles too!)

Not many people love Shark Week like we do…We only wish it was Shark Month!

To celebrate, Check out our new Shark inspired Candle!

Shark CandleThis are a very limited time, limited quantity candle– They are ready to ship now with no wait for production, and we even offer flat rate shipping!

Shark Week only price of $13.50 and we offer flat rate shipping too! Get yours before they are extinct!

Shark Week Cocktails? Heck yes-here are some great recipes from the Discovery Channel.

Check out the LIVE Shark Cam!

Get your Shark On!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!