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My kind of exhibit!

NY Museum Stages First ‘Scent’ Exhibit

Chandler Burr calls his works ‘olfactory art,’ and says he’s not a freak—he just uses his nose more often and more carefully than the rest of us. Blake Gopnik reports.

What a fantastic idea! The very thought stirs my scent loving soul… I wish I was closer so I could attend. Although if I were making real wishes I would wish to share a bottle of red wine with Chandler Burr and talk scent for an afternoon.

I personally disagree with his idea that “a thing must be artificial; it is impossible to create art entirely with nature”—but I understand the point he is making.

Art by Katerina Silva Follow her talented work here: https://www.facebook.com/KatarinaSilvaArt

I love all kinds of fragrance; traditional as well as all natural.

There is room in my world and my shop for both!
What fragrances move your soul?

Leave us a comment to join the discussion.

For me this fall I am continuing my love affair with Cinnamon.

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!


My Grandfather gave this to me…It is my favorite piece of art. Ever.  The picture changes with the light…Al Hogue = Magic.

A passionate and creative look at fragrance by Katarina Silva.

We have recently fallen in love with the Art of Katarina Silva.   It is Passionate, Romantic & Creative and we know you will fall in love with her way of capturing images just like we did!

Read her post here on how to nourish your long distance love with fragrance.

If you are as interested and perhaps as obsessed with fragrance as we are, here are some other links to prior blog entries we have made you may like as well .  ❤

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What Scent makes you feel alive?

Creativity of fragrance.


Love, Laughter & Candlelight!





One of my favorites ❤ 

Micro Blogging, Catalogs and Pinboards Oh My!

What inspires you?  For me that is one long and very eclectic list!

I am inspired by random art, old books, exotic places, or food & wine, music or the unsuspected colors and textures of nature, the Moon or funny and truthful quotes.

It is fun and unexpectedly inspiring to micro blog or view others ideas of what Beauty is…what defines Inspiration?

There are a lot of  fun & easy ways to do this.  My favorite is probably my Tumblr blog-Alchemy.  I also like Pintrest a lot.  I have some friends that use We Heart It and also The Fancy.

What services do you use?  What Inspires YOU?!

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!