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Here We Are With Luci is a great life & style online destination covering serious topics to girlie-girl stuff; the way women live their daily lives.  Recently we were lucky enough to be a guest on her Radio Show. Luci recently interviewed us asking questions covering topics like: are Organic ingredients better?  What makes our Blue Moon Candles different and higher quality?  How did we start our new Bathwork venture Eden’s Alchemy as well as information about starting your own business and the steps it takes to do so. I encourage you to come by and Listen to the show and get all the details, and also enter to win FREE stuff! (ends October 31, 2011!) Let us know what you think! Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

Making Scents of it all with Lisa Kasper (Blue Moon Candles) & Luci Weston (Here We Are with Luci)

Do You Have Sight or Vision?

Sight is the ability to see things as they are. Vision is the ability to see things as they could be.

Once upon a time there was a shoe salesman who went to Africa to scout the market. Seeing everyone bare-footed, he became discouraged and wired his manufacturer: “There’s no business here. They don’t wear shoes.” The company brought him home. Meanwhile, a competitor who was in the same region sent a message back to his organization. Excitedly he said: “This is an unbelievable opportunity. They all need shoes and no one else is selling here!”

How often do you stay on the track of “what is” rather than to challenge your initial reactions and ask “what might be?” When you only focus on the problems of your life – revenues are down, employee conflicts – you are near-sighted. You allow your vision to be obstructed by what you see now or what you believe based on past experiences.

Success truly begins in your mind. As the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said: “You must see the reaching before you reach the reaching.” 

The question of vision is a very simple one – what do you want in your life?

Be aware of the things that are influencing you. For example, what books do you read? What words do you speak? What thoughts do you think? With whom do you spend the most time? If you’re constantly mixing with people who talk about how lousy life is, these people form the basis of your reality. Be careful about what you allow into your head because these things shape your views and eventually your vision.

These are things I am thinking about today…what do YOU think?

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!


Something I believe in with PASSION, firsthand!  Thank you Lea.  ❤



If you don’t have the talent you want, use the talent you have.

He Couldn’t Sing, So He Whittled

By Zig Ziglar

I came across this story today and thought it was awesome!  I highly encourage anyone interested in business to subscribe to Zig Ziglar’s newsletter.  He is brilliant with business and it is FREE!

Antonio was a lad who lived in Cremona, Italy, during the 17th century.  Cremona was a musical town where great acclaim was bestowed on those who could sing or play.  Unfortunately, although Antonio wanted recognition for his musical talents, his friends called him “squeaky voice” when he tried to sing.  He tried to play the piano and the violin, but his skills were limited.

As Antonio walked through the streets of Cremona with his friends, he listened to their beautiful voices.  Unfortunately, the only thing he could do was whittle on a block of wood with his knife.  One day, while sitting at the edge of the street, whittling, watching and listening to three of his friends play and sing beautiful songs, he noted that the people passing by frequently dropped coins into their hands to reward their efforts.  One gentleman stopped longer than any of the others and even asked them to repeat a song.  When they finished, he dropped a coin into the hand of the singer, then moved on down the street.  Much to their shock, the boys discovered it was a gold coin, which was quite a bit of money to give a street singer.  But the man who gave it could afford to do so.  His name was Amati and he was identified as the greatest violin maker in all of Italy.

That evening at home, Antonio thought about Amati and decided that he, too, wanted to become a violin maker.  The next morning he went to the home of Amati and persuaded him to let him be his apprentice.  For many years Antonio learned from the master and in due time his work became known throughout the whole world.

Antonio’s last name was Stradivari.  To this day, musicians still make music from his violins, which now sell for six figures plus.  Message: If you don’t have the talent you want, use the talent you have.  Do that and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!  (Thank you, Don Wildmon, of the American Family Association.)

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!