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Are YOU the Real Deal?

Are you the Real Deal?

As I look around me in this changing economy, I hear a lot of negative depressing things.  I also see several key leaders; some that are just regular people living with great integrity.  These are the people that run their lives and their businesses with a great amount of passion and relentless drive.

For me one such example is the Stephen Curtis Chapman family.

In May of 2009 the Chapman family endured one of my greatest fears, the loss of their daughter, 5 year old Maria.  They have drawn upon their love for each other and their faith to continue living example worthy lives.  The Chapman family has recently opened Maria’s Big House of Hope in China, a healing home dedicated to saving the lives of special needs orphans, stating “Love of God is pure when joy and suffering inspire an equal degree of gratitude”.

For me, this really is The Real Deal!  In these uncertain times when things can be VERY challenging, keep your eyes on the prize so to speak, and keep doing your best at what you love.

Winning the Race

Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs.  Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger.  If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.  ~Dale Carnegie

Are YOU the Real Deal?

Make a Difference Monday!

I will start with a big giant Thank You to all our family & friends that have been such a great help lately!  It is never fun when life tosses you that little unexpected curve ball.  And it is also true that you never appreciate your good health enough!   I am happy to be feeling so much better and am very grateful for all the prayers, well wishes, understanding & help I received!

I noticed something when I was feeling so terrible-that nothing makes you feel better than helping someone else.  A burden shared is a lighter load right?


We here at BMC have decided to participate in Make a Difference Mondays!   It is a great idea really, and you can pick whatever works for you.  The idea is simple…do something for someone else, without expecting anything in return.

Ideas are as endless as your imagination…Carry in groceries for an elderly neighbor, pay for the order of the car behind you at Starbucks, help a frazzled neighborhood mom to an hour of peace by inviting her kids to play with yours for awhile, visit the local nursing home during your lunch hour-be that visitor someone there is desperate for.


Whatever idea you choose to use, you will spread unexpected encouragement in a regularly rough day, and you cannot help spilling some of that happiness on yourself!

Let me know what you think.  What ideas do you have?!