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Your Candles the way YOU like em!

I love to have lots of choices!  I want everyone to have those same benefits…When it comes to Candles YOU can decide.   You made a wish, Blue Moon Candles is here to grant it!  🙂

Art from Crystaleyes909 on Deviantart

Why have something Premade or Machine made when YOU can decide what YOU enjoy?  Check out Blue Moon Candles new Your Choice feature on our Facebook Page!

Napoleon Bonaparte
Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!


Got Candlelight?!  ❥  Gothic Candles now available at Blue Moon Candles. Join us on Facebook for special sales and free promotions.

Got Toxsick?  Gothic Candles.

Drip Candles by http://www.bluemooncandles.com

I made this!  ❤ 

special order for The California Riverside Ballet Company’s Ghost Walk, Vampire’s Masquerade at the Mission Inn in Riverside last October.

 This reminds me of a candle that has been burning all night in a Gothic castle window somewhere. All of our Candle Shapes, Styles and Fragrances are available in Black!  Try our Gothic Candles with a bit of dark glitter!  ❤