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Almost Halloween….

Got Candles?????

Night Spirit ™ ~In the Southwestern United States, Hopi and Pueblo tribes commemorate the Winter Solstice with the month-long celebration of Soyaluna to guide the Sun back towards the Earth. With great reverence for the Earth and Sun, the path is carefully marked and traced with dances performed in the Kiva, a communal room reserved for rituals.  

This mystical scent embodies the warmth of the communal fire, the dry sensuality of the dusty Desert earth, the piercing clarity of the bright evening stars, and the soft purple blanket of Winter night.  A well-balanced bouquet of nutmeg and cinnamon spices, black pepper, and chili, blended with warm amber, earthy patchouli, cedar wood, and soft, sweet vanilla.

Very different, but so accessible; this will undoubtedly be a new unisex favorite! (suggested color=NightShade /Dark Purple)