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oh Elise it doesn’t matter what you do, I know i’ll never really get inside of you…
to make your eyes catch fire the way they should. 
The way the blue could pull me in…if they only would, if they only would
at least i’d lose this sense of sensing something else that hides away from me and you.
There’re worlds to part with aching looks and breaking hearts,
and all the prayers your hands can make, 

0h i just take as much as you can throw…and then throw it all away

oh i throw it all away
like throwing faces at the sky, like throwing arms round yesterday.

 I stood and stared
wide-eyed in front of you
and the face I saw looked back
the way I wanted to
but i just can’t hold my tears away
the way you do

Elise believe I never wanted this…
I thought this time i’d keep all of my promises.
I thought you were the girl always dreamed about…
but I let the dream go, and the promises broke and the make-believe ran out…

What if I’m a Mermaid in these jeans of his with her name still on it? 

Hey but i don’t care cause sometimes, I said sometimes, I hear my voice and it’s been
HERE silent all these years.  ❤