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Kelp…my favorite underwater forest.  I love the way the long lines of kelp sway with the ocean surge…hypnotic.

Did you know Kelp is known to contain at least 60 different minerals and elements, as well as 12 vitamins and 21 amino acids. This wealth of nutrition is aided by the fact that it comes in plant form that is quite easily digested through the human system.


A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown… – William Butler Yeats

I wonder if her candles are Blue Moon Candle’s Beachy? 🙂
Artist is Victor Nizovtsev,
Picture is from the Beautiful @Fallon Ellingson aka Scarlett Harlott. (who just *may* be a Mermaid herself….) ♥ You can follow her and see her amazing Mermaid/Pirate Wench/Pin Up style here.

Blue Moon Candle’s limited edition Summertime Scents! :)

Summer fragrance descriptions…limited time ❤

Summer wishes ❤