How to use your left over candle wax.

Here are some of our best uses for left over candle wax.  (Although our goal at Blue Moon Candles is to never leave any wax behind.)  😉

Pine cone Fire Starters
You can make fire starters for yourself or for gifts, with pine cones compliments of Mother Nature and scented wax from leftover candles.

Use a double boiler to melt down the left over wax (or melt it in the jar over a candle warmer) and then dip pine cones in it (or drizzle it over the pine cones).  I sprinkle mine with cinnamon or nutmeg while the wax is warm so they stick easily-any crushed spice you like will do. Let the wax covered pine cones cool in refrigerated muffin tins or on an old baking sheet.  These make great fire starters for your fireplace or bonfire and smell good just sitting in a pretty basket. They can be easily decorated by putting them in gift bags and tying with ribbon to make thoughtful & fragrant gifts.

Candle warmers work great too for flame-less candle fragrance! Just place any jar candle that has wax remaining on the warmer, to melt the wax and diffuse the fragrance.

You can also pour the melted wax into mini muffin tins and make wax tarts for a tart burner. This way you get all of the scent and do not waste any wax.

I usually keep any leftover scented chunks and use them in a tartwarmer. Also, I put them in little snack size zipper baggies and poke a few pinholes in the bag to let out the scent. These can be stashed in the dresser or linen closet and the coat closet as well as under a car seat.

Candy Molds can be used to pour the leftover pillar wax in and when dry, thread with pretty ribbon and you have cute ornaments!

Are these ideas helpful?  Let us know what you think…do you have any ideas on how to use leftover wax?

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