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Ghostwalk 2010.

It’s that chill in the air, Full Moon magic, crunchy leaves blowing, fireplace smelling, apple eating, spook seeing time of year!  I hope loads of you got to take in Ghostwalk this year.  It is held at various Riverside California locations and is put on by the Riverside Ballet as a fundraiser.

I loved it all but my favorite hands down was Tyson Blair as Dr. Grisgris singing in the Voodoo Vamporium!

You can’t go wrong with locations set at Riverside’s Mission Inn and VIP only access into the Catacombs. Make sure to put it on your must see list for next year!!!

Hunter's Moon...

Candles for Halloween-Check out this NEW line!

Just in time for Halloween!  🙂  Check out these new Black Licorice Candles!

You can find TVD Energy Products here.  Made by Blue Moon Candles. If you are not a fan of The Vampire Don, or Blue Moon Candles now is your chance!  Check out the candles and let us know what you think.  🙂

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

Halloween Picture Contest complete with prizes!

Spooky, Sexy or Funny….what are YOU dressing up as???

Have your picture taken for FREE at The Monte Cristo Ca. ~Hex Hollywood Halloween Weekend!

This year you can upload your picture and have a chance to win some great prizes!

If you celebrate Halloween send in your pictures for a chance to win!

Love, Laughter and Candlelight!

Hand blending our exclusive*New* fragrance Mystique!

Jazz streams out into the moonlight French doors open to the night breezes, sweet olive scents the air. Nearby there is laughter, a cork popping, and cafe brulot aflame…

Exotic woods and cajun spices, with a promise of sweet sensuality and erotic mysticism, grounded in… strength with just a hint of fresh green notes for balance. It is at once stimulating and relaxing; hypnotic and grounding; a delightful and heady experience for both men and women.

Rich fragrances are meticulously hand blended and carefully balanced with pure Essential oils. Based on notes of Cedar, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Vetiver and Black Pepper. Middle notes include Vanilla Absolute, Myrrh and Sweetgrass, and topped with Turkish Rose, Italian Bergamot, and a hint of Cardamom and Nutmeg.

On sale Monday Night!  ❤

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!

Excellent Service…or not?!

Last week we had a problem with a cell phone that reinforced my desire to treat our Blue Moon Candles customers like gold!

Scott purchased a new cell phone (Droid X) and after two days a button FELL OFF! Now that is not a huge deal, because I was sure a simple call would remedy the situation…right?!  Wrong.  Not only was his store sales rep rude and uncaring, she tried to charge him over $80.00 for a “deductible” on a two day old phone, and stated there were no supervisors on site.

Long story short I was able to intervene and remedy the situation, but it took my time and caused him undue stress.  Something I never want to do to my customers!

In this age and economy it seems like everyone is talking about “coaching” and “consulting” when really in my opinion the number one thing that I wish companies would just get back to excellent customer service! People WILL pay for a superior product that comes with excellent service.  I know I am careful how I spend my money and am FAR more likely to spend it where it is appreciated and brings me the biggest value.

Our customers are Valued and we want to leave every one with a giant smile on their face!

Do you have a customer service horror story?  What did you learn for that experience?  What about a time you experienced Fantastic Service?  Enlighten us!  🙂

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!